Grand Bundle Season 2018!!
Break the ice and become my patron, my champion, my hero!


For only a $1 a month you can prove youself worthy by criticizing my secret paintings and drawings, because now you are needed as a guardian of the brand new PATRON-ONLY feed! You'll know everything about my upcoming movie projects, my plans and even can see all final works, sneak peeks, tutorials or process recordings!


Being a guardian insn't enough? Well, for the chosen heroes like you I have a special deal: I paint, you defend. Defend by spending a while checking my progress or even by constructive criticism. For such an effort you deserve a reward! And here it is:

sent to your email adress with:

  • HD/4K artworks (digital and traditional both in the best quality)
    like concept art, artbook examples, animation - gifs, digital paintings, CGI or VFX renders, sketches, acrylic and watercolor paintings, .PSD files, brushes, wallpapers and so on..
  • lovely word for my patrons
  • bonuses (which may differ from month to month)
    bonus videos, extra sneak peeks..
  • and many surprises!