Grand Con was Grand!
Hey, Hooligan! I just realized I've not done a good job of posting new stuff here when I publish it this month. D'oh! I'm working on that. Please give me a tap on my Twitter or Facebook if you see me not posting updates! :D 

This past weekend I shared a table at Grand Con in Grand Rapids MI, with a friend of mine. The event overall was great! I met a bunch of cool new friends and got 27 new signups on our newsletter, which is over 25% growth! :D

One of the guys I met is even another comedian, Tomas Maier, part of the No Outlet Improv Troupe in Grand Rapids.

I almost forgot to put out the signup sheet for the newsletter until a few hours into Friday, and our table was right next to a booth for an escape room company that drew huge crowds all three days and as a result I think made a lot of people not notice me. 

Despite that, some time before noon on Saturday I found my stride and started walking in front of the table and introducing myself to people as they walked by. "Hi! Do you like nerd or political comedy?" Most people respond pretty hot or cold to that question, which is good -- I'm meeting people who are interested, and I can say "have a good time" with no hard feelings to the people who prefer to avoid politics. If they liked the first question, I then say "I make a lot of both on my webcomic. I've got two books, a couple shirts, and I send out a few jokes from the week on email every Wednesday." And that leads to a lot of fun conversations. :D

People also liked "if you like Trump, you MAY not like my 2nd book... I made a lot of fun of him." There was a lot of agreement with the idea that "laughing is how we're going to get through this." 

I also realized pretty quickly that I need to be careful with that 2nd book for another reason. It hadn't occurred to me when I edited the book that there's a caricature of Trump as a giant penis on page 4, so occasionally a 7-8 yr old would walk up and start leafing through the 2nd book and I'd gently put my hand on the cover and say "maybe not that one... is your mom here?" A few parents were verbally grateful for my diligence. :P 

In retrospect the gas was a bit pricey, so from now on I'm going to focus on closer events in Dayton and nearby like Gem City Comic Con, Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis and possibly Louisville. 

I did have a small personal problem I realized once I got to the event, which I posted on the Tumblr. I'd love to get your advice if you have a few minutes.

I hope you're having an awesome week! 

Thanks for sharing yourself.

- Sam