Grand lore revision project - Major update N1

Hello and welcome to the first major lore update!

As you know from my original announcement about this project, I was going to edit and rework pretty much every Monstroniverse lore article, and today I’m happy to announce that the first part of this plan is complete – All articles in the “General setting information” section have been re-uploaded with new, updated versions.

Please keep in mind that throughout the project thing may still change

List of the changed articles:

- Life in Monstroniverse -

- Classification of monsters -

- Gifts of nature -

- Curses -

New added articles:

- Curse - Vampirism -

- Curse - Lycanthropy -

- Curse - Succubi -

I would strongly suggest you to re-visit these articles and read them full, but just in case you wish to know in-depth details and reasons behind specific changes, just keep reading.

Life in Monstroniverse – I’ve expanded the health-related differences by adding teeth and joints into the category. After suffering several months of constant dental visits where I’ve patched almost 20 tiny and not-so much holes, caused by… absolutely nothing! I’ve told myself “That’s enough. No teeth problem in Monstroniverse. Fuck this side of our reality”

Any types of cancer also became a “Non-existent” issue in Monstroniverse.

Classification of monsters – the main major change here is that I’ve completely removed the “Neutral” monster type. Creatures who are not obsessively hunt humanoids to kill and eat (Predators) or to fuck (P-types) are now simply known as beasts. This was done to avoid confusion and headache of distinguishing weird creatures I show in the comic from “neutral monster”. The difference was way too vogue so this classification is no longer needed.

Gifts of nature – I’ve finally added specific terms and explained mechanics of the P-type monster-humanoid interaction. In short, P-type monsters produce a special reagent (Erogenium) that causes a chamical reaction in a victim’s body (Senerfliction). Any sexual stimulation or sensation during this process creates “sexual energy” now carrying a term Senergy – which serves as the main target of the P-type monster.

This change was not a spontaneous idea I applied now, but it existed for a very long time while simply not being properly explained anywhere. I wanted to clarify why P-type monsters seek humanoids by adding a unique biological resource which can be extracted only from such interaction.

This system now also explains how Succubi curse works, why P-type monsters can’t for example please each other to satiate themselves and solves a whole layer of minor issues I had before. One of which, for example, the issue of using the term “Sexual energy”, which sounds very vaguely, to explain something as concrete as a specific chemical nutrition.

On top of this, in this article I’ve tweaked some of the Gifts of nature descriptions and adjusted percentages.

The lingering gifts of nature no longer exist – they are either temporary and lasting only during the act, or permanent. All percentages of getting a permanent gift of nature have been lowered significantly.

Curses – this article has gotten the most amount of changes. First of all, I’ve divided the brief description of the curses in general from the individual curses. Each curse now has its own article and will now be placed in the “Magic and curses” lore section (Formerly known as just “Magic”).

This is done in order to prepare the reader for the magic-related terms and mechanics met in each of the articles. The basic article doesn’t have them and can be easily understood before learning about Magic.

Major changes to curses:

Vampirism – a clarification added that a vampire doesn’t require the biological substance that blood consists of, but the Life force stored in it.

An extra info is added that vampires who also happen to know Life hunt death magic spells can bypass the process of drinking blood and instead siphon Life energy directly from living creatures.

Some other minor clarifications have been added regarding specific conditions and interactions between dead energy and the curse.

Succubi – the most significant changes to the concept of the curse, the entirety of the article has been re-written. It is now clarified that the core principal of this curse is that the afflicted person acts as a P-type monster, producing their own Erogenium, causing Senerfliction in the body of the partner and consuming Senergy.

The fact that Senerfliction happens only in the body of the partner now properly explains why a Succubi can’t feed the curse by simply satisfying themselves.

Also added minor details about the curse in different conditions. Like what happens if a Succubi fucks a P-type monster or another Succubi.

Lycanthropy – The basic article has been changed only briefly, but the history of the curse has been fully reworked. There is now a concrete location and historical period of its creation, tightly linked to Nature magic and dangerous experiments based on it. I’ve also united both the general information and the history of the curse articles in one.

Plans for the next stage

In the next stage of the Grand lore revision project I’m going to focus on Magic-related articles. Clarifications of how exactly spell casting is performed are needed, also I am going to split the final part of the article into smaller ones, each dedicated to specific magic schools. In each of them I’ll add information on all known spells from the comic (Similar to what you see on the bottom of pages where such spells are used for the first time) and would leave place for even more of them being added in the future.

Not only you will be able to learn about how the magic school works better, but also see what every spell does without the need to search for the information within the comic.

Needless to say that is going to take a colossal amount of time to planning, thinking and editing.

One extra note – During this project I’m working on a special new article called “Monstroniverse index”, which will simply be a dictionary containing every term and every name ever mentioned in lore, monstrology articles, stories and the comic. Every tern and name will also have directions to where they’re first mentioned and where the reader can learn more about them. This article should serve everyone who wants to learn about terms and names fast and easy, but it will be finished only by the end of the Grand project.

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