Grand Sealer of the Eternal Contractors (SYNOPSIS)
Since the creation of the Earth, or Ya-Duhrun, the ancient shrines of the Noble Seraphim existed to help guide humanity to the straight path in worshiping the one true God, the Lord of the Heavens and the Earth. Now, it has reached the medieval era, and the shrines have served their divine purpose. It's up to the chosen one, Kratos son of Jander, to live up to his title of Grand Sealer to  seal them away while he's accompanied by his friends from school, and allies from the Knight Academy. Kratos and his friends will travel across the world on each of the inhabited continents to seek out the shrines, endure the trials they came with, and to seal them away forever.

However, not all is wonderful...

Kratos must deal with the tribulations that this forthcoming brings, including the deaths of people he has known so dear to him, the agony that the powers of Chaos brings to his soul, and of course, the constant pursuit from the jinn, a group of demonic beings, who try and slow the group down in their aspiration to take over the world and rule it for themselves.

Join Kratos and his friends and watch them live a medieval times school life, grow in their inherent powers, and travel the world!

I welcome you to The Legacy of Ya-Duhrun, Legacy 1: Grand Sealer of the Eternal Contractors.

This story will include heavy elements of fantasy, friendships, action, romance, and the religion of Islam. By reading this breakthrough, and many more to follow, you've taken the first steps in helping me change the way some people view Islam one Legacy at a time. :)