Grand Solar Minimum Update 1/11/18 - Shiveluch Erupts - Deadly Mudslides - Alps Armageddon - Rattlesnake Ridge Yakima Slide Update
Solar Activity Is Declining Quickly Are You Prepared

Southern California mudslides: 17 dead, others missing

Snow, Wind and Bitter Cold Descend on North Dakota.

Good news: Big snow will miss Lansing. Bad news: Bitter cold returns.

Wacky winter dumps snow on every single U.S. state

Bangladesh hit by coldest temperatures ever

Winter notches sub-12 record in Bengal India

Avalanche of exceptional magnitude' cuts off Bonneval-sur-Arc with 7 m (23 ft) deep snow, France.

Extreme weather in the Alps: everything you need to know

Major M7.6 earthquake hits off the coast of Honduras, small tsunami observed.

Planetar Kp Index:

Ashes from a Russian Volcano Reached the Stratosphere

Worldwide Volcano News and Updates:

Kadovar volcano PND: Authorities to resettle 2,000 evacuees on mainland as island volcano erupts.

Emergency Management holds media briefing on Rattlesnake Ridge updates.

Weather station sites compromise Australian climate data

The Star Man - UK and Global GSM Updates

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