Grand Solar Minimum Update 1/22/18 - Blizzard Warnings - Langila Awakens - Kadovar Warning - Cold Earth
Weather Channel Co-Founder Dies; Doubted Climate Science

Interstate 70 Closed, Dozens of Flights Canceled as Winter Storm Jaxon Dumps Snow on Rockies, Plains:

Winter Storm: Latest Snow Totals Around Colorado  


Blizzard to create dangerous travel from Nebraska to Michigan through Monday

Ice warning after snow and flooding affects the UK

Roads around the country closed due to flooding - Ireland

Island volcano in Papua New Guinea erupts with ash, steam

Island Volcano in Papua New Guinea Erupts with Ash, Steam | Kadovar

Small PNG volcano could partially collapse

Langila volcano news and eruption updates (Papua New Guinea):

Worldwide Volcano News and Updates:

Landslide watch: Can experts predict collapse at Washington’s Rattlesnake Ridge?

Rattlesnake Ridge Update January 21,, 2018 - EZ C Productions

Climate Alarmists Say Record Cold Is a Sign of Warming

Geologic temperature record shows it much warmer than today

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