Grand Solar Minimum Update 2/5/18 - Bitter Cold Canada - Moscow Mayhem - Paleogeography - Sea Surface Temps (SST's)
Bitter cold in upper Midwest, while California braces for record-breaking high temperatures

Tropicaltidbits GFS Modeling

Extreme cold warnings lifted in Manitoba, but wind chill still in –30s

Extreme cold warning in effect for Medicine Hat & surrounding areas

Extreme cold warnings end in Regina, Saskatoon  

Pyeongchang faces extreme cold

Britain DEEP FREEZE: UK set for TWELVE inches of snow as temperatures drop to -10C

Russia's coldest winter at -67C, 'once in a century' blizzard buries Moscow expected to continue through Monday (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Snowfall of the century: Record-breaking snow and freezing rain wreak havoc across Moscow

Lubbock dry period to surpass 1920s record

Shallow 6.1 magnitude earthquake strikes off Taiwan

Worldwide Volcano News and Updates:

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Ocean temperatures are at an all-time high due to #climatechange:

SST Chart:

La Nina Modeling Forecast:

1200-year mini Ice Age was caused by global warming

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