The Grand Spring/Summer Plan
So I've decided some things. 

I wrote this all out on Discord yesterday. If you pledge $5 or more, you get access to my Discord server, so if that's you, hit me up and I'll send you a server invite. :o)

I've decided that I'm going to put as much effort into making art in public this spring/summer, as I did when Pokemon Go pulled me out of agoraphobia.

Like, I was driving 35 mins to the city closest to me and playing Pokemon Go at all hours of the night and day, and the way I played was by sitting in a lawn chair at "The Hub", a spot in the city where you can hit 4 pokestops and just sit there and lure & spin them, catch & power level. I spent every cent of my art allowance on Google Play cards. But it was good for me. For the 13 years previous to that, I didn't drive, and only left the house for medical appointments.

I am going to learn to share a car, which I loathe the idea of bc adjusting the seat & mirror is like restarting your computer, it sucks, and after work at noon every day, Tues-Fri ideally, I'm going to go to the vapor lounge, where I feel welcome, it's not even about the ability to vape weed, and start an art project.

I'm going to situate myself for the most possible exposure on days I have a lot of spoons, and more to the side on days I don't, but I'm going to make an effort to be seen.

This is going to cost money.

Parking is $1.25/hour so it would cost me roughly $6/day in parking if I don't have Blake's handicapped parking pass. Yes, I will be that asshole and use it, I don't even fucking care. I'm not gonna sit in the handicapped spot, just use the pass for free parking. And sharing a car is fine & all, but there are gonna be days where we won't be able to and he will legit need his pass and I'll have to pay for parking.

A monthly membership to the vapor lounge is $35, or you pay a $5 daily cover. That's 7 visits. I plan to be there more than that so the membership makes sense. That's gonna have to come from art money.

Then, you can't just sit there all day and not buy anything, A) because that's fucking rude, and B) I'm gonna get hungry/thirsty. They have bottled water I don't mind and diet coke, I could probably convince them to sell me gatorade (helps me when I feel sick). For food, they have cookies, brownies, and cheese puff pastries. Their other stuff is not so great.

So, I can only eat so much of that

Which means I'm going to have to eat at the restaurants within walking distance where the average meal is about $12-14 + tax & tip.


I could pack a lunch, and find somewhere nice, but inconspicuous to eat it. The lounge IS pretty much on the waterfront so that wouldn't be difficult, and I have fold-up chairs in my trunk that I sat in for a whole summer playing pokemon and eating lunch in public, I just have to get over the fear & get accustomed to it, make it routine and ordinary.

I figure if I do this, there's a chance I'll get so accustomed to it, that I'll find a way to do art there because there are so many people walking by. The problem is, I need a table and I don't think there are any tables. That's a problem for another time.

I could mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyybe convince Alex to take the bus from her house to the vapor lounge and join me when she gets off work sometimes. I haz 2 fold-up chairs & could bring lunch for both of us. Then we could go back to the lounge & she could be high and do something of her own while I make art & I drive her home when I pick Blake up from work.

I could also mayyyyyyyyyyyyyyybe convinvce Blake to work from the lounge some days and WE could have lunch at the waterfront.

So that's the physical & financial part of my spring/summer plans. Art money, like Patreon & commissions & if god forbid I ever sell a fucking painting in this lifetime (okay I sold one recently I should shut up), will go toward being a patron of the vapor lounge & feeding myself, & the supplies for the project I wanna do as much in public as possible.

Which are pretty cheap, honestly.

The supplies I mean.

So the idea:

There are these really stupid things that exist called "oracle cards" which are based on tarot, in that you're supposed to pick one and trust that the universe gave you the right card and what the card says applies to you/your life. You pick one card from a deck of 45 to 54.

Most oracle decks are themed.

The most popular theme is angels because of Sylvia Browne (the psychic) and the trail of diarrhea people that followed her. (My mom and I saw her once in person and she is a terrible terrible fraud.)

I could argue that tarot is valid but you probably wouldn't believe me. Oracle cards are stupid because you just make shit up. The angels ones are often just bible verses.

These things are popular with the woo woos and there are also like, "miracle cards" and stuff, I can't even remember all the ones I saw this morning because I pulled an all nighter and was so tired, but there are lots floating about in the world.

I wanna make a deck of my own.

I've wanted to for a long time, and it's a goal, and it's art I can make in public because my pencils, rulers, erasers, pencils, sharpener & Prismacolors are all portable.

That's all I need.

But it's not going to be fucking angels or any stupid shit like that.

Don't worry.

I don't even believe in jebus.

But I wanna call them "inspiration cards" and I want to write the random affirmations/life advice with my girls on them doing fucked up and/or cute things on them.

Right now I'm just concerned with completing 45-54 original colour drawings and writing the same amount of phrases, I'll worry about the crazy amount of money it'll cost me to actually make them later.

Cost will be:

- paper (I don't wanna use printer paper, I'm going to use good paper, a printed guide, and the USB lightbox an old cam fan is sending me from Amazon out of nowhere)

- pencils (sounds funny, but the pencils I use are about $1.25 + tax  a piece and I'm low right now and will deplete my current supply)

- erasers (about $1 each, I don't feel like I go through these quickly, but I've never done anything in pencil on this scale before, so I have so I have no idea. Could be $5, could be $20 for the whole project.)

- *sigh* Prismacolors. These motherfuckers are $1.95 a piece + tax and I've never seen the individual ones on sale ever. I use all the colours. All of them. But some more than others by a mile. It may not seem like it but I do sort of have a palette in the colours that brand makes available to me and I have tried other brands, but I love the pigment saturation and texture of these, so I do believe they are worth every penny. When you have to replace 1 or 2, it's not as painful, but I have been known to spend $80 replenishing my colours at one time because I can't drive to the art store, I don't fucking wanna get to that level of driving while I'm trying to also overcome all these psychological hurdles required to further my art career. Blake doesn't want to drive to the art store all the time, it's a pain in the ass  to get there at any time of the day. So infrequent, but maybe 12-15 pencils at a time  at price gouging prices.

- possibly some kind of art board that's like a clip board but a little bit bigger. I don't even know if such a thing exists yet.

I think those costs are a reasonable burden and those supplies are all portable.

I think if I also do commissions for people at the same time and release them for patrons as colouring pages,  everyone wins, all obligations are fulfilled (for that)  and that + patreon should cover my art supplies. The art money I would normally take from my paycheque and spend at Michael's or the art store on new things, should cover my expenses for the cost of doing it all in public, at the vapor lounge all spring & summer. At the same time, it is also possible to have an ongoing painting going on to keep myself sane, but I have enough canvases & paint right now for that & can used mixed media materials I already have.

I. Have. So. Much. Crap.

This feels ambitious to me, but if I stay organized enough to keep up on commissions at a reasonable/necessary time, and I take the advice of one of  the cards I'm gonna do "There is no finish line." because it doesn't matter if I finish all of the art for the deck before the end of summer, it just matters that I finish. I need a goal.

The summer I was playing Pokemon Go like a maniac, my goal was level 30 by Labour Day & I did it. This feels about the same "spoons:money:fun" ratio as everything I just said as Pokemon Go was, so in my head it's all completely doable.

And probably really fucking good for me in every possible way.

So, if anyone has any nicely worded life advice they'd like to pass along for the cards or you want a commission to help fund this project, please let me know!

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