The Grand Tournament - Get Inspired!
Hey guys,

Been a while since I've done an Infographic - and what better time to do so than the unveiling of the Grand Tournament expansion?

Similar to the Dragon Infographic I did for BRM, "Get Inspired" is a visual compilation of certain mechanics/tribal synergies from the newest expansion.

I tried to sneak in a small joke in each section as per my dank-meme tradition with Infographics, try to spot them all!

I really appreciate the support you guys have given me on Patreon. I make nothing from Infographics, which is why I've been focusing on YouTube/Twitch because those at least return a little bit of revenue to help support living costs.

Thanks to your help, I am able to carve out some time to make an Infographic. Will definitely try to get more out after TGT releases - specifically the Meta-related ones such as the 100 Mulligan series.


- Toast