The Grande Phrase!
Hi, We've officially started rehearsing for Contradiction Dance's next production: Boundaries. It's exhilarating to be in the room with a new group of dancers - some long time company members, some brand new to the family. Every show has a grande phrase (gronde froz) that is the physical underpinning of the whole production. It is the base-line movement vocabulary for each piece and ties the whole show together. As ever, there are actors, musicians, poets, and singers who bring it all home; but, the grande phrase is our home base. Everyone learns it, it is our jumping off point. Here' s a video of the phrase - forgive my dancing - this was recorded at the end of a four hour rehearsal... I'm a bit winded! Thanks, as ever, for your committment to this work. X's and O's, k.k. :)
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