I am going to start doing a comic series called Grandma Cat. I think that's all the explanation you need. 

In other related news: 

The cool thing about doing this Patreon Page is that I can basically throw up anything I am working on at any given time. 

I am requiring myself to post each Wednesday and Friday, but I can also post at other times as well! 

The downside of this mishmash of stuff is that it's really hard to market myself as a certain type of artist.  When you sign up for my Patreon page you are essentially signing up for a steady stream of my artistic output. It could be poems, it could be cartoons and podcasts....you never know, cause I never know. 

I realize that most of the people on here are "Martha fans" in the sense that they just want to support me whatever it is that I may do.

I have tried to focus, I have tried to come up with a more narrow bandwidth....aw shucks...who am I kidding? I really haven't tried that hard because I don't want to. You either like my stuff or you don't!