Grannies Cookbook - 18.03

This is a Sims 4 custom food mod enabler. Please read through on how to install.

🌱 18.03 is now the latest - please delete the old version! Be sure to check when new foods are released 🌱

18.03 Update:

  • quick fix for chocolate baking tray - imported incorrect mesh state causing error!

Updated Recipes:

If you have any issues, please use 📠 discord to report and for help.

✨ How to install and play: ✨

  • Grab the newest .package file and place into your mods folder
  • Download the recipes (separately) you would like and place these into your mods folder or
  • Grannies Recipe Tin - which is a bulk download option
  • Optional object add-ons - more objects to access the pie menu

    I organise mine like this:

TheSims4/Mods/GranniesCookbook(folder) - place download in here

In Game:

  • you can find Grannies Old Cookbook in the small appliances section in the kitchen
  • place the cookbook anywhere on your lot (I find the kitchen to be most suited)
  • click to bring up the pie menu and have your sim cook 🍽

🌈 Swatches


🧵 If you're still waiting for me to add a translation just give me a nudge. It could have gotten buried in my messages! 🧵


🍎 Previous versions are available in case there is ever an issue with an update - the newest version is stated at the top of the page. Only have 1 installed. 🍎

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