grannies cookbook - 26.08

🚨 version 26.08 is now the latest version - please delete the old version! 🚨

Please note - this update includes some of the progress I have made with making the cookbook compatible with the new lot trait. Recipes that have ingredients will now be locked with the lot trait if your sim does not have all the ingredients. This is not the final stage! I have yet to update each recipe with the new ingredients. 

You can monitor the progress of the recipes here.

If you have any issues with any other foods please use
📠 discord to report and for help.

Added translations:

- - -

  • support for toddler food (found under snacks) - please have highchair on lot.
  • option to name the cookbook and add a description
  • BBQ category
  • available to place into sim inventory - can be given as a gift (seasons)
  • 'snacks' section to combine drinks and quick meals (now referred to as snacks)

⭐ How to install and play: ⭐

  • download the newest package file and place into your mods folder 
  • download the recipes (separately) you would like and place these into your mods folder

    I organise mine like this

TheSims4/Mods/GranniesCookbook(folder) - place download in here.
I then have different folders for each recipe style inside the cookbook folder

  • meals
  • desserts
  • breakfast/grill
  • toddler food
  • snacks

 (grannie prefers her own folder to keep things tidy! plus it's easier to navigate) 

In Game:

  • you can find Grannies Old Cookbook in the small appliances section in the kitchen 
  • place the cookbook anywhere on your lot (I find the kitchen to be most suited) 
  • click to bring up the pie menu and have your sim cook 🍽️

Works best if you have 2 empty counters (or sims can have routing issues)

🌈 Swatches: 

🔺 Previous versions are available in case there is ever an issue with an update - the newest version is stated at the top of the page. Only have 1 installed. 🔺

🧵 Added the strings so you can add your translations and then send them to me - if you're still waiting for me to add a translation just give me a nudge. It could have gotten buried in my messages! 🧵

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