Gran's Character Profile
Character Name- Caitlin Kavanagh (Gran)


Age- A lady never says

Race- Caucasian

Ethnicity- Scottish

2) Physical:

Height- 5’8”

Body Type- plump

Weight- Doesn’t like to say

Face- Round

Eye Shape- round

Eye color- peridot green

Hair length- middle of her back

Hair Style- usually pulled into a bun

Hair color- Used to be red, now gray with a couple remaining streaks of red

How does appearance affect her?- Doesn’t bother her anymore

Where is she from?- Born in Scotland, moved to US when she was about 10

Where does she currently live (as of Book 1)?- Coolersville, Ohio

Lifestyle- Well-off enough to maintain her home and run a shop

3) Relationships:

Family- Husband- Sebastian

Children- Sons- Kenneth, Liam

Daughters- Lorna, Moira, Blaire

Grandchildren- Tara, Christine, plus more from her other children that haven’t been introduced yet

Friends- Lorraine

Sexual orientation- Straight


Romantic experience- Happily married for 50+ years,

4) Skills:

What is she good at? Cooking, sewing, crochet, managing her business, gardening,

What is she terrible at? Computers,

Schooling- high school, a few business classes before she opened her shop

Occupation- Gift shop owner

Hobbies- Reading, spending time with her family,

5) Personality/Character

Introvert/Extrovert/Ambivert- Extrovert

Right/Left Brain- Right

Strengths- Affectionate, brave, loyal, carefree, family-oriented, friendly, respectful, optimistic, organized

Weaknesses- stubborn, short temper, difficult,

Goals/Dreams- Seeing her family grow happy and healthy

Fears/Insecurities- Something happening to family and close friends