Grape and Priscilla - bunny bunnysuits
 commission for greatdragonad

He cashed in on the currently running Bunny Bunnysuits sale using his characters Grape and Priscilla.
Turns out that the immature Grape thinks bunny Priscilla is too cute and wants to love it and hug it and keep it for her very own.

If you'd like to cash in on the sale you can check it out right here --->
You get a reduced price PLUS priority completion.  How cool's that?


Do you have characters you'd like to see drawn?  Maybe you just want a pin-up?  Or want to make some silly situations?
I'm available for commissions!  -->

It's also worth noting that I do run a Patreon.  Beyond supporting my artwork, you can become eligible for discounts on future comms.  go check it out here --> 

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