Thanks to all who shared my request and have graciously pledged each month. I realize it's difficult to commit to something nebulous like "critical thinking" but my mind is going every day trying to think of new ways to communicate to the public. Right now I'm working on a book. Editing the first rough draft takes FOREVER + a few more months and it's dull. But it has to be done. I'm also researching ley lines. This was prompted by a paranormal investigator who asked me my geological persepective on the idea of earth energies. For people used to hearing New Age stuff, this may seem ridiculous but the average person can't easily see the pseudoscience in something that sounds plausible to them. So, I was off to the uni library to get the original sources for the theory of ley lines. Watch for that to be coming up. I'll keep you informed of what I'm working on every week. I couldn't think of rewards I could offer but if you need something specific from me, I'll try to help. Thanks for your support. It's greatly appreciated.