Hi everybody. Warm wishes. Happy Thanksgiving. I think you know I'm grateful for you every day. This  is just a little reminder. I always like the messages from Jack Conte and team that remind me how amazing this patreon platform is. The opportunity to connect with you is the coolest.

I've enrolled in a 90-day, intensive course with a bunch of other songwriters, producers, etc. and I've got my blinders on a little bit with that. This course will continue through March 27 and the outcome should be 3-5 brand new amazing songs. I hope.

Also have in progress two new recordings but got stumped with some technical issues in the software and hardware failures last week...I'll be tackling that Friday again and hopefully coming up with a magical win.

Anyways, THANK YOU. You do empower me to do what I love and follow my dream/vision/goal. Grateful every day.