The Grave
I rose from the grave, alone, awakening to silence

Without a soul in sight

There were no tears in the dirt I slept under 

Dead roses surrounded the space 

I see others mourning, crying for whose who they have lost 

Their graves are wept upon

and their flowers are colorful, alive

I begin to wonder

if anyone ever visited 

where I slept

I rose from the grave, adrift, greeted by no one

A blanket of darkness became my home

I belonged here, not there

The casket kept me warm, safe

This was where I was welcomed

In my empty bed

where I could lay my head

I rose from the grave, to see those I loved

and who were better off without me

I returned to my former residence to see them

I had to know, how they were doing 

Without me

Peering from the window pane

Their faces are filled with joy

Mouths pouring with laughter 

Dancing to the sound of melodious music

Without me

I rose from the grave, companionless

I rose from the grave, only to crawl back under

and return to my slumber.