Gravity ch8
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Silence hung in the air. 505 looked around, confused. Black Hat... was... letting them go? Really?! No, it had to be a trick of some sort! The bear stood there, waiting premptively for a strike from the shadows to come, but it didn't. Nothing. The only sounds he could hear were rats scratching, the fire from the stadium burning, and his friends weak, raspy breathing.

505 blinked. He had never, EVER seen the demon let anyone escape his grasp once he had decided to kill them. Maybe... No, he shouldn't assume things, and besides, it was more important to help Flug at the moment. The bear got him into the back of their roller, and put him on a hospital gurney they had installed inside. No doubt the doctor had planned it used for experimentation on others, but for now it would be for him. 505 removed his bag and goggles, and gently brushed the curly, blood-matted hair out of his creators face, putting an oxygen mask on the humans face as he strapped him into it.

"B-b... b..." Flug in his semi conscious state started mumbling. ".... bear..."

505 moved to the front of the roller, and adjusted his mirrors, he'd gotten really good at driving with all the practice. Again, he couldn't take his friend to a hospital, and they were too far from Bishop's. He would take them back to their base, and do his best to nurse his friend back to health, he wasn't entirely sure what else he could do, at least Flug wasn't poisoned this time.

"B-black... Hat..."

505 flinched at the name, as Flug's delusions continued. He wondered what was going on in the poor man's fevered dreams now.

Flug was having something between a cross of a nightmare and a dream, but he didn't know it of course. He appeared at first to have chased the heroes off and even won the duel, but something didn't feel right. His former boss hadn't put up as much of a fight as he had inticipated, after the heroes were gone, he had lost his monstrous form and allowed himself to be attacked. The blows hadn't seemed like they had done any damage, but he was standing there with a frown on his face, not bothering to fight back, using his tendrils to block every hit that came at him.

What was going on? This didn't make any sense, there was no way he would do this, no fucking way!

"What the hell is the matter with you?! You don't just give up, you fucking- !!!" Flug started, standing a few yards away.

"I do whatever I please, Doctor. I simply do not feel like battling you right now."

"But you are admitting defeat...?!"

"Hmph. Perhaps YOU see it that way."

"Why?! Why the hell won't you fight me?! Fucking fight me you fashionista demon, I'm stronger then before, I'm not a push over!"

"HAHAHAHAHHA! You, not a push over? You think you're a real villain now, just because you've done a few schemes, built some crazy machinery, temporarily escaped me, and are high on drugs?! You're still just a weak little bag of human flesh, just trying to prove yourself to someone who will never acknowledge you, it's pathetic. I'm a higher being, so far beyond you, you were but an insect that crawled on the ground before, the only difference now is you are a flying insect, but you are STILL just an insect!" Black Hat continued to laugh at him, suddenly snapping his fingers.

Tendrils surrounded the scientist with lightning speed and ease, far too fast for the human eye to keep up with.

"But I suppose if you really want to die by my hand, as I said, for your years of work and service to me I suppose I can grant you that small payment. I will have to make it quick however, as I'm extremely busy, and you are hardly worth the time." The demon tipped his hat at him ever so slightly.

Flug quivered in the eldritch's grasp, instinct rising up. "No please, I don't want to die! Not yet!"

"No, you already have chosen your fate, you should be appreciative I'm even willing to grant your request! Such an honor it is, even for that!"

"P-please, forgive me, sir! I-I-I c-can do b-better!" Tears were falling uncontrollably down his face.

Black Hat burst out laughing, seeming unable to control himself in his mirth, his tentacles around the scientist suddenly squeezing harder like a constricting snake.

"Are you seriously asking for your job back?! YOU HUMANS!!! HAHAHAHAHAA!!! YOU ARE AMUSING, FLUG, I'LL GIVE YOU THAT!!!"

The demon regained his composure again, the grin still on his face. "Enough wasting my time, you maggot." He held up his fingers again, ready to give them a final snap, which would most likely cause the tentacles to finish him off, they were already so tight he couldn't breathe.

Time seemed to freeze. With the little movement he had, Flug looked around, nothing was moving, not even Black Hat. It was like someone had flipped a switch to stop it. Everything slowly began to get dark, like a mist creeping in. The foggy darkness terrified him, he knew it wasn't the demon's doing, because the being was completely still, even his facial expression was unmoving. The evil, hate filled glare, that seemed so pleased to be able to finally destroy him. 

The darkness moved in closer blocking everything out from his vision, until it was just him, all alone, still unable to move. Nothing but blackness. He was panicking, he could feel a steady, growing pain in his body and head, his mouth was so dry, and yet he was sweating uncontrollably, the tears still coming. What was even going on, what was this, was this a form of Black Hat's torture he'd never seen?!

His skin began to feel pringly, slowly intensifying into stabbing all over. It was like a thousand needles were pricking him over and over again, on every inch of his body. So thirsty, his throat was so dry he couldn't speak, it seemed to be locking up, hard to breathe, and his lungs were burning. His heart rate was increasing, feeling like it was going to come out of his chest. Then the tremors started, but as much as his body shook, he couldn't break the demon's hold on him.  

"P...please..." He managed to whimper. "B...bear.... hat..."

Something went over his mouth, keeping him from speaking further, but as it did, he felt fresh oxygen go into his pained lungs. It stung, so badly, but he needed it. What was this?!

Another movement, over his forehead, gentle. He still couldn't move, and now his head was restrained as well. The sound of the demon's maniacal laughter filled the air, it was the only thing he was aware of, other then the intense pain he was feeling.

Time seemed to pass, infinite. Slowly he started being able to make small things out other then the pain. Small amounts of light, little noises here and there, that were not his former bosses voice. Where was 505... He prayed that the bear had escaped all this wrath. He was immortal, and unable to die, but that didn't mean he couldn't feel pain, and Black Hat was sure to torture him if he ever caught him beyond anyone's imagination. 505... please...  With the last thought he fell into blackness.

The battered human opened his eyes, slowly, wincing.

"Bawwww?" 505 was standing over him, intense worry in his eyes.

Flug tried to move, but found that he was again, restrained. He wasn't strapped to the table this time however, instead he had some sort of a straight jacket on. He opened his mouth to speak as the bear took the oxygen mask off his face, but immediately started dry heaving. 505 quickly sat him up so he wouldn't choke, and could breathe easier, but this only made the nausea worse. Through bloodshot eyes, Flug could see that the bear had brought them back home, to his own base, they were in his laboratory. Everything was so blurry, and spinning, but he could at least make that out, just barely.

"B...Blue..." he choked out. The bear picked him up from the gurney and took him over to a bed that he used for long nights, which was almost every night, that was in the room. He placed him gently on the mattress, moving the hair out of his face again, covering him with a blanket as it appeared he had the chills.

Suddenly, Flug knew what was going on. He was having a withdrawal. He'd put too much in his system, and then didn't keep the high going. Plus whatever injuries he had sustained at the stadium weren't helping either. But... What had happened?! The last thing he remembered... 

He quivered. Black Hat had grabbed him out of the air, stopping him from an imminent death from the fall after the heroes had dropped him. Why... And how in the hell did they get back to his base, what had happened with the fight... He had so many questions, but in his state he couldn't ask the bear, his tongue felt swollen from being so dehydrated, and he certainly couldn't hold anything down even if he wanted to. 

All he could do was wait. His trembling continued, and he knew why the bear had put the jacket on him. While his legs couldn't support him at the moment, if his arms were free he'd no doubt be trying to shove more drugs into his system. He needed them, he needed them so bad, now that he knew what was going on, he could focus on that, and it was nearly the only thing he could think about. He tried to mouth what he wanted to the bear, somehow as weak as he was, managing to attempt to struggle against his restraints.

505 stared at him, and shook his head. "Baw." 

His creator continued on with his wordless pleading.

"BAW." He said, more firmly this time. The doctor looked at him with crazed eyes, dialated and darting back and forth.

The bear was not going to let him go until he was done coming down, at the very least. If he put more into him now, it would kill him, and he knew it. He of course hadn't seen an overdose or anything of the sort before, but he could tell. His friend was in such a horrible state, and he couldn't let him do anything rash.

Tears came from Flug's eyes, and the bear hugged him close. He wouldn't leave his side.

About a week later, the bear finally took the jacket off of the doctor. Flug gave himself a good stretch, man he was so cramped up from wearing that thing! He gave himself a good scratching over for good measure, he still had a light itchy feeling from the heavy use of the drugs, not having been able to scratch it had been driving him crazy, and there was only so much 505 could do. Flug made a mental note to never, ever take that much medication/drugs ever again. He'd been far too careless. He might have come off the high without such a bad effect if he hadn't been injured so much, but... Either way, it wasn't worth the risk again. He had to admit that he had been a complete idiot on that matter.

505 was still worried about it, whenever he saw pill bottles or syringes he would watch the scientist carefully to make sure he wasn't even going near them. That or he would hide them, empty them, whatever he had to do to keep them away. It wasn't long before the bear himself had a stash of sorts underneath his own bed. The bear knew it was in vain, because as a scientist Flug had access to everything in the lab anyway, but still...

Flug got himself dressed in his lab attire, he wasn't about to quit now. He had work to do, taking that long of a 'break' was absurd, though necessary thanks to his bad choices. The bear hadn't allowed him to do anything job related at all. Of course he had helped him shower, fed him, and generally took care of all his basic needs and comforts while he was wearing the restraints, however. He glanced at his companion who gave an approving sigh.

"So what did I miss, did anyone call?" The bear had managed to brief him on the events of the convention the previous day through writing, so now his first thoughts were business.

505 nodded at him as the doctor walked over to his large screen computer/tv that nearly every mad scientist in existence always had in their laboratory.

He made himself comfortable in his wheely chair, man how he had missed this chair, his work area, his computer, his equipment... The bear handed him a cup of coffee, just the way he liked it. Black, with two shots of espresso added in. That would certainly wake him up.

Flug shook his curly locks about, giving his head a good scratch before he donned his bag and goggles again. 

"Good. Let's see what's been going on then!" He said with a slightly sinister smile. He wasn't about to give up yet. His previous defeat had been a huge miscalculation, and he would have to be more careful, but what didn't kill you made you stronger. Or insane. But heck, he was already insane, so it's not like THAT was gonna happen, right? Mad scientist... He gave off a dark chuckle as his wonderful, caring, bear companion hugged him. 

He had the best friend on the planet to support him anyway!