A gray cloud is hanging over me 

it tells me it's my friend 

my only friend 

it follows me wherever I go

even when I sleep

it's always here, or there 

by my side at all times 

A gray cloud is clinging to me

it tells me to never leave 

and that it's the only one that truly knows my soul 

it follows me to every event 

reminding me that I have no one else 

it's always with me, never without me 

my friend, my only friend 

A gray cloud is attached to me 

it tells me that everyone else sees it too 

so I have to hide who I am 

it follows me even in my dreams 

telling me how there's nowhere else to go 

it won't leave me, not ever 

it doesn't have anyone else 

A gray cloud is suffocating me 

I don't know how to tell it go away

it tells me it'll be here until I die 

and that no one else would do that for me 

it follows me even when I'm choking 

telling me there's nothing left 

it hears me weeping 

and leaves me to drown 

A gray cloud is possessing me

I can't tell it to go away

it's my friend

my only friend

it's always with me 

even when I'm bleeding.