Great Advice - That I need to take as well. :)
I just saw this video this morning, and it really struck home with me. When you watch it, just replace 'photography' with 'terrain' or 'miniature painting' or what ever art you work on. I often set expectations for my work that are high, and sometimes higher than my current skill level. (The windows of the chapel project come to mind. *smile*) It's important to rememberthat you (or I) are doing the best work we've done - right now, and it will always get better with dedicated practice. As he says in the video - 'this doesn't mean you don't set challenges for yourself'. This is what I am exploring in my videos when I comment on things that I think could have been improved. It's how I target challenges for the next attempt. But... I also need to remember that areas that fell shorter in quality than I expected doesn't mean I should berate myself. Hell... It's usually the first time I have tried that particular technique on a terrain piece. :) Anyway, give the video a watch and see if it can apply to your own art, in what ever form it takes. For myself, I'm off to see about fixing an area of the ocean board I've been working on for the last 10+ hours. It isn't meeting my expectations. *grin*