Great Month For Chatting With Sherri
What a great month we had last month!  I have chatted with some fun and intriguing as well as some very generous people this month.  Here are a few of them;

I had a delightful chat with the talented Anthony and Julie Sharpe, we talked about how they met, Anthony’s latest jobs, Julie’s trip to Cambodia and the Kickstarter campaign for Miss Fisher;    Anthony Sharpe sends a special thank you for the Miss Fisher Fans. 

 My chat with Emmy Winning Producer,Writer and Author Brooks Wachtel was fun, charming yet highly educational.  Brooks is a very witty and bright man and he is a great communicator, we chatted about such a wide amount of subjects you will see why I say I learn something wonderful every time I chat with him; 

 Best selling award winning author Peter Wacks was just delightful! We had a great time talking about creativity, pace and the love of writing and reading   

 My chat with the charming, wonderful and talented Highlander Star, author and film maker; Elizabeth Gracen! We had a fun chat about her producing, the Highlander Con she was going to (which might be the last one) and her book site’s update, we had such a fun chat! 

 I want to thank Anthony Sharpe and Peter Wacks who was kind enough to do special messages for my Patreon followers.  I so appreciate your time and generosity.

I don't have space to name everyone but I want to thank all my guests for your time, kindness and generosity.  It is fully appreciate.