Thanks to a boost in Patreons, we have now reached our next goal. This means I will be seeking out some commissioned artwork from professional artists to illustrate the 'zine. 

I will be reaching out to artists from back in the day to provide some hand drawn pieces to accompany the written content.

Following this increase in pledges, we have also decided to make the 'zine an A4 format. Hard copies will be limited to $3.50 (plus) backers, attendees at GROGMEET and 15 copies for direct sale. The PDF will be available to all backers in November and released generally in mid-2017.

Thanks for your contributions towards supporting the podcast and making this project possible.


I've been astonished at the speed of ticket sales for the first GROGMEET in Manchester (12th November). There are a handful remaining (see for details). 

We are delighted to have a new GM joining the team. Katherine Simmons-Smith will be running a game of ACHTUNG CTHULHU! Operation Twitcher, you'll be a group of scientists and marines heading to the South Atlantic to study strange phenomena in the far South Atlantic.

As Patreons, you will be given the opportunity to sign-up for games first, before they are released to the rest of the ticket holders. I expect the list to be available nearer the time.


The Podcast is still central to everything that we do and we have been pleased with the response to the excessively long AD&D episode (part 1). I have never been able to get my RSS to work with feed burner so I have no idea how many people are listening or subscribing. It's good to hear from listeners to know that we are reaching someone.

There maybe an extra AD&D podcast squeezed in during this run... so look out for news about that hidden track if and when it happens.