Great News! Copyright claim withdrawn
I got word this morning that Kontor New Media Music, the representatives for The Ultra Soul Project, have released their copyright claim against my tune, Ensenada Summer (released under stage name Restless94i).

In a thank you to the Ultra Soul people, I am posting their 2011 track, Amazing, which had the same elements in it that Ensenada Summer did. 

You can clearly hear similar loops in both songs. But you can also hear that the songs are vastly different from each other. 

Since the loops were given out to artists as a non-exclusive license, allowing any artist to make anything out of them, the artist and their representation correctly released their erroneous claim that the loops were theirs and theirs alone.

Congratulations and thanks to Kontor & The Ultra Sound Project. Check out their track and then re-listen to mine and note the similarities--and the differences.

Ensenada Summer (Re-Mix):