The Great Pumpkin
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My friends like to challenge me to make their poorly execute doodles look good by me redrawing the doodle in high quality, while still being loyal to their original sketch. This can certainly be a challenge due to their conscious lack of ability to draw anything at all. So if you have faith in your ability to draw, or don't, challenge me to draw something strange (of a creature, vehicle, person, etc.) along with your pledge and I will re-illustrate at least one drawing that you submit into my own style in full color and post a side by side comparison to see if I met the challenge!

1. Nothing inappropriate (gory, perverted, etc.)
2. Keep it original, your own imagination! Silliness encouraged!
3. You can submit as many drawings as you like
4. SEND YOUR DOODLES TO: [email protected] 
along with your name/patreon.

Example: Here's Pat's very special warrior elephant. 

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