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... and sort of what I'm alluding to in these excerpts from my Extended Overview,

The irony and a deceit that seems to elude many is, poof culture hollows out and tends to convolute or muzzle the veracity of a critical Middle. This has the consequence of not only reinforcing poof culture itself but reinforcing and also infusing a reactionary thug culture that is in large part covertly owned/patronised by the very same elite interests that own the former. 
Most people are terribly afraid of being rejected or marginalised or disenfranchised from poof culture for the simple reason it means they will most likely be forced to try to survive in a thug culture. There is no Middle or it is at the least both systematically eroded and substantially reduced in a society subverted by a corrosive poof culture paradigm. This is worth reiterating. 
The opportunity for a Free and Independent Middle being everything our forebears supposedly lived and stood and fought and died to win and uphold, is reduced until - under NWO Neo Feudalism - it ceases to exist
Attempting to survive in a thug culture is not a pleasant prospect for any reasonable, ethical person. We are Socially Controlled by a Fear of having to do that if we do not capitulate to the sophisticated Tyranny that is the Political Correctness of what I refer to here as poof culture. 

So who is going to Swagger in through those Swingin' doors and Gun that dirt bag Stagger Lee down? Will it be YOU ... 

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