Great Weekend, Back To Work!
Hello, all! So great to see some of you at this past weekend's Ohio Valley Gathering in Lexington, Kentucky. I taught three workshops (instructors Doug Berch and Debbie Grizzell couldn't attend, so I picked up their mountain dulcimer and ukulele workshops, respectively), performed three times during the Saturday night concert and was able to hand out a few "Rita's Fan Club" t-shirts to some of my patrons that attended. Be sure, when your shirt arrives, to get a photo of you wearing it and post it on Facebook or send it to me. After this whirlwind trip (1500 miles!) I'm back in the studio working on "Dulcimerica: Volume Three" and will be uploading light copies of three tunes this week before heading off to the Sarasota Folk Festival this weekend down in Osprey, Florida. I know of at least one patron attending and I'll be bringing a t-shirt; if any more of you are planning to come out, let me know and I'll bring your shirts as well. It's crunch-time in the studio with production on "Dulcimerica: Volume Three" almost complete and pre-production on "Sweet River" (the next Native American flute record) begun. Thanks to your support, I'll be able to sit back and concentrate on these projects over the next few weeks as well as producing some "Dulcimerica" episodes before hitting the first of the big road trip tours in late April. Watch for some new music soon and thanks again for your patronage!