The Greatest Joy Of Your Life
It will come when you seek within 

Don't worry about what others do 

Just be you, stay true

Awaken to the greatness that is you 

Trust the collective is moving in the best direction 

See yourself as the highest reflection 

Honor your highest good 

Be the greatest in you for good 

Live the greatest life that brings out your greatest way of living 

It all begins with authentic giving 

Give service to others in a positive way 

Do this at least once a day 

Then be grateful for all you have seen and experienced

Be in the constant happiness of your very exiistence 

Be the joy that the world wants to see 

Be what you were called here to do be free

Follow your passion and fuffill a positive purpose 

Complete the mission 

The greatest joy of your life 

Is here and now

Embrace it for what it is at this very moment 

Be the greatest joy of your life and completely own it