Green house build part 1
On this weeks edition of BS with AJ, we are working on a project for Willie Farms! After the plastic on our small green house we purchased a couple years ago finally gave out, we decided we needed to upgrade. Lucky for us we had a south facing porch, all we have to do is build three walls and put in a door, simple! Or so we thought, only a few minuets into the project we realized that the column's only support was a 1x10, we realized this when we started to jack up the porch to remove the old rotten column's, our 4x4 we used to jack it up went through the 1x10 so we had to come up with a new plan. Another obstacle we found was that the brick on the porch wasn't exactly even, so instead of measuring the length and just cutting all the 2x4's to length we had to measure over to each spot the 2x4's were going to hit and measure each height individually because some bricks we set in further than others and some were higher that the rest. But we over come all of the problems and get two sides up replacing both the old rotten column's and giving a much better support for the porch. now all that's left for the frame work is to finish the front and frame out the door and the remaining windows up front. we eventually are going to put windows in to make it permanent, but for now our budget holds us back so we are framing it out for the windows we plan to get in the future and for now we will just cover it with plastic. I hope you enjoyed this video, sorry our camera died with out us realizing it, but you didn't miss out on much just building the wall for the other side. I hope you come back to see part 2! 

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