Meaningful gifts... (a public post).

Although I have greatly reduced the number of things that I purchase that might contribute to the cumulative impact; still, for the last half of 2017, I have been trying to figure out how to re-use and recycle the mostly unavoidable packaging materials that happen in my modern daily American life. At the studio, the Trash Free Challenge  began from that effort. 

The more visitors I have, the more perplexed I am by this search for ways to minimize waste. (It still boggles my mind that this is even a thing. It seems like it should be an easy thing. Just stop buying the waste! Eventually, that will happen but, some necessary things simply aren't available without waste attached to them.) The necessary management services just are not available in our small rural community. 

Every day, I am struck by how dependent we have become on packaged goods. But, I can no longer bring myself to just toss things into the trash that simply cannot be "digested" safely back into the Earth. I just can't do it. Stacking boxes of clean "waste" (a.k.a. wrapping/packaging materials) in mountains in my basement also seems like an unacceptable solution. 

I believe progress and even convenience can be good thing but, it isn't right for it to take place at the expense of other cultures or creatures.

 I truly feel compelled to change the way that we do things. I can't change everyone or everything but, in my search for ways to "safely" dispose of certain items-that-happen-until-people-stop-using-them; I found out that there are some AFFORDABLE tools for improvement. 

People around me have voiced similar concerns. 


I am adding a new resource to the list of Creative Community Action services available at the studio. 

My studio is now a registered recycling facility for several TerraCycle packaging recycling programs. 

 This is a FREE program offered by: 

SheilaLynnK Art Studio to promote the Wellness of our Local Community.
[Volunteers and donations welcome!] 

I have selected recycling programs which provide an opportunity to recycle things that are actually problematic here but, there are many other Free programs available. [Perhaps you can use them in your area, too?] 

I am starting with Free programs that I think I can physically manage here. 

Consult the following links for guidelines and lists of accepted materials collected at the studio.  Collection of listed clean and dry local materials will begin on January 25, 2018. The program offers a Rewards system which earns rewards points/benefits to support a favorite charity. 

Snack Bag Recycling

Colgate Oral Care Recycling Program

Energy Bar Recycling Program

Tom’s of Maine Natural Care Recycling Program

Malt-O-Meal Cereal Bag Recycling Program 

I am just getting started with this idea. If you know more about FREE resources available, please comment below or send me a private message so I can share the information with fellow participants. 

Update January 20, 2018 ~ Working on an image for the recycling program posts on social media. This one evolved from mixing a few things together. I think it encapsulates the circular pattern and connectivity of all of my projects. 

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