A Green Rose, Flick, and International Mosquito Milking Day
Tati and Button enter the living room. They find Tony sitting at the window, gazing out with a pensive look. They have dragged a huge box in with them. It is tied up with a red ribbon in an impressive bow, and Button holds a bunch of colourful balloons which are almost carrying him off.

TATI: Tony, you remind me of Eeyore when he lost his tail!

TONY: Hm? Oh, yes. I did floss with a snail. That's what you said, right?

TATI: Oh my god! You're as deaf as a beetle, Tony! Well, never mind. 

Tati pulls out a party hat and slaps it onto Tony's head. She's about to shove a party blower into his mouth when he suddenly blows a fuse.

TONY: What the hell do you think you're doing?!

Tati takes a step back. She looks completely shocked.

TATI: Don't you know? Today is International Mosquito Milking Day! Button and I have been preparing for a whole week!

TONY: International Mosquito Mi— What the actual fuck?!

TATI: Milking. (Pop!) Day. (Pop!)

Button lands on his fuzzy little ass after Tati pops two of his balloons.

TONY: Oh. So you'll celebrate some weird thing I've never heard of before, but not my... well, birthday?

TATI: Tony, you said yesterday that you will kill anyone who reminds you of your birthday. And how much you hate this day. Do Button and I look like a couple of kamikazes?

Button nods in agreement. He rubs his sore little ass.

TONY: Well, I meant what I said... but... It would still be nice. Oh, forget it.

Tati turns to Button and flicks his forehead with her middle finger. Now Button rubs his forehead with an offended look.

TATI: Ha! I won! You owe me fifty bucks, Button! I told you it was just peacockery on Tony's part. Him and his pathetic attempts to remind us of his fucking birthday!

TONY: Oh, that's just fabulous, that is. Making bets on what I'll do next, huh? Well, did you predict that I'll do this...

Tony rolls his eyes and walks out of the room. Tati shrugs, then unpacks the box with a deadpan face and pulls out a huge cake with creamy roses and 'Happy Birthday, Dear Tony!' on it. She starts to slice the cake.

TATI: Who wants this odious, sticky green rose?

TONY: Me! 

Tony stands at the threshold with a party hat on his head. He has a goofy, almost embarrassed grin on his face. Tati throws Button a knowing wink.

TATI: Another ten bucks!