Green screen
Just wanted to update everyone, with your contributions last month we will be buying a green screen for the show. We cannot thank you enough. Our promise is to use these amazing contributions for the show and the show only. Next we will be looking into cameras ours is about 10 years old lol. Each month we promise to become more professional, and increase production quality to the way we envisioned Cobra TV in the beginning. You all are the backbone of this show, and are helping it become all it can be. Thank you so very much!!!!
Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per month
Pledge $0.01 or more per month
Patrons Only
Hall of Backers!
$1 or more per month 23 patrons
  • A screen of all backers names will be shown. Even if you stop donating
  • Monthly patron-only Video
No waiting room!
$5 or more per month 26 patrons
  • Get on the subcast, no matter how many people want to call in, you get to come right on!
  • Plus all previous rewards
  • Monthly patron-only  Video 
Guest co-host a subcast!
$10 or more per month 7 patrons
  • Monthly patron-only  Video 
  • Guest co- host a Subcast!
  • Plus all previous  rewards
Im taking the back seat!
$20 or more per month 3 patrons
  • Write, design or direct a Podcast where I will act as the Co-host!
  • ^^ Please let me know this is what you want if you chose this.
  • Plus all previous rewards
  • Monthly patron-only  Video 
Cobro Elite
$50 or more per month 0 patrons
Cobro Elites are making things happen faster! If you are at this Tier for a 2nd month, I will buy and ship you a Cobra TV shirt! 
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