Green Sea Turtle - Acrylic!
Unveiled! Endangered Species Spotlight - The Green Sea Turtle!

To round up the end of an exciting baby sea turtle hatching season here in

Florida, I've picked the Green Sea Turtle as October 2015's endangered

species feature at!

The charismatic green sea turtle inhabits tropical and subtropical

waters worldwide. They are herbivores, they love to feed on sea grass.

Every year the female turtles crawl onto the beaches at night and bury

their eggs in the sand, and about two months later the hatchlings make

their iconic mad dash for the ocean.

Green (and all other) sea turtles face danger from entanglement in derelict fishing gear. Their populations also suffer from loss of habitat, as their sandy beach

nesting zones continue to become crowded by humans. It is very important not to disturb sea turtle nests or hatchlings!

The original painting is an 8x10 acrylic on canvas, when it sells I will donate a

portion of my earning from the sale to the Sea Turtle Conservancy.