WHY JOIN GREEN WORLD? 1. To buy products at 20% discount & make 20% profit when you resell the products. 2. You get paid for buying products, meaning you get compensated with cash back monthly. 3. You accumulate points whenever you buy products and the good news is the fact that our points don't lapse, meaning you will never be demoted in your current rank. 4. Remember your personal effort might not be enough, that’s why you are advised to build a team in order to be paid for your personal effort and your team members. 5. GETTING STARTED Join us with only R120, then get a membership card with your number and you get a Stater kit that explains the company from profile, products & marketing strategies including this compensation. WHATSAPP GROUP FOR MORE UPDATE 0743152879 WHATSAPP/SMS THE WORDS "GW BUSINESS" 🙏🏻OR✍🏻 LET ME BREAKDOWN THIS PRESENTATION