GreenTea v1.3.2 for Skyrim LE

This is a mod that integrates some of the mods I've ever made.

[Requirements]  SKSE 1.7.3

Included mods:

- Floating Damage v2

- MiniMap

- Locational Damage(SKSE Plugin)

- Armor Break

- Equipment Upgrades

- Additional Techniques

- Player Rotation in ShowRaceMenu

- Status Display (This is a combination of "Display Enemy Level" with the newly created "Display Equipment" and "Display Player Value Numbers".)

- Animation Loading Fix

- Difficulty Balance

- KillLog

- Copy Character Appearance

- Disable Follower Collision

- Damage Tweaks

- Just Attack

- Attributes

- Copy and Paste in Console

- Dynamic Animation Replacer V2

-  Counter Attack 

You can open "GreenTea.ini" to enable/disable each function.





Added a random damage system. As LUK increases, the lower limit of damage dealt increases and the lower limit of damage received decreases.

Class boost values are displayed in parentheses in the StatsMenu.

Equipment Upgrades:

Added the feature that the required materials increase depending on the tempered item quality level.


Changed the method of patching to ENB to a better method.

Added a setting to disable the patch in the INI.



Added Class Boost feature. The attributes increase depending on the actor's class.

Console commands related to player attributes have been added. (SetSTR, SetAGI, SetVIT, SetDEX, SetINT, SetWIS, SetLUK, GetSTR, GetAGI, GetVIT, GetDEX, GetINT, GetWIS, GetLUK) These commands are for debugging. Changing your points using the "Set..." command will not change your health, magicka or stamina.

Added MovementSpeedMultMax and WeaponSpeedMultMax settings to Attributes.ini.

Copy Character Appearance:

Fixed CTD.

Removed showing/hiding toggle for copied hair. It will toggle automatically depending on the armor.

Fixed an issue where the skin became strange when loading.

Fixed an issue where the scale would return when loading.


Supports ENB v0.434 and v0.436.


 Added "Counter Attack". 

 Added PlaySound option to LocationalDamage.ini. 

 Fixed incorrect detection of attacks from behind in Attributes. 


Added condition functions to Dynamic Animation Replacer.

Minimap supported ENB v0.414 and v0.418.

Added message edit settings to Equipment Upgrades.

Fixed the item that can be tempered is not displayed correctly in the menu when Equipment Upgrades is enabled.


Added "DisplayPosition" setting to Floating Damage.


The following updates have been made to Dynamic Animation Replacer.

A number can now be specified directly in the GlobalVariable argument of the Custom Conditions function.

Animation files are loaded even if esp not in the loader order is specified in the argument of the function in Custom Conditions. The function always returns false.

Improved compatibility with mods that add their own BehaviorGraph.

Fixed T-pose when applying an animation with the Random() function in Custom Conditions immediately after the actor was loaded.


Added custom conditions to Dynamic Animation Replacer.


Changed the process of calculating Minimap rendering size. This probably fixed Minimap sometimes zooming out.

Minimap resets when opening loading menu. If Minimap disappears when in full screen mode, save/load or move to another cell.

Bound weapons have been excluded from the requirements for equipping in Attributes.

Changed Animation Manager mod name to Dynamic Animation Replacer.

Note that the folder name for placing animation files has been changed from AnimationManager to DynamicAnimationReplacer.

The function to switch player animations has been added to Dynamic Animation Replacer V2.


Added "Animation Manager".


Added detailed settings to Attributes.

Displays required attributes for equipping in inventory menu.

Added options to increase health, magicka, stamina, and carryweight regardless of the attributes selected when leveling up.

Added Disarm to Locational Damage.

Integrated "Copy and Paste in Console".


Added "Attributes". It is recommended to start a new game to use the feature.

Compatible with Skyrim Reloaded.


Added "Just Attack".


Added "HideFrame" and "Alpha" option settings to MiniMap.


Integrated "Disable Follower Collision".

Added "Damage Tweaks" function.


Integrated "KillLog".

Integrated "Copy Character Appearance".


Integrated "Difficulty Balance".

Fixed the difficulty level not being applied to Floating Damage v2.

The damage color of actors commanded by the player or followers is the same as followers.


Minimap supported ENB v0.389.


Integrated "Animation Loading Fix".

Added the following settings to MiniMap.ini.

FrameShape(You can change it to a circle.), FrameColor, InitiallyHidden

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