We're back! Had a blast over the holidays but we're ready to get back to work. I try not to speak for Gamma very often, but I'm SURE he's missed you almost as much as I have.

Well here it is, the new year, a time for new beginnings. With that in mind I'm proud (and more than a little nervous) to inform you all that we're expanding our horizons, just a little for now. My typical policy regarding content is to keep it consistent. Just about any time I get the question of what I think the best thing to do to grow a channel is, my biggest answer has been "stay consistent". I still hold true to that, but I've done something that I haven't done in quite a long time, and that's make non-Destiny related content (well, not completely related). With the constant struggle to increase our production value, knowledge, and skill in making amazing content for everyone I wanted to try my hand at a slightly different format. So far the response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. 

So, hey..... c'mere ..... wanna know something? Remember that holiday exclusive gift we made for you guys? ..... Yeah, tomorrow.... check your patreon messages! Adding to that, Gamma has also made a bunch of cool pieces for this latest video so you'll be getting all of those as well (acolytes and up, of course). Back on the subject of the latest video, let me go just a little deeper in the subject.

Here's why I think it's so important: it (in a way) marks kind of a new step in the channel. The channel is called Myelin GAMES... I love Destiny. Gamma loves Destiny. Short of Bungie actively searching out puppies to kick (or anything equally heinous) I will ALWAYS love Destiny. But having said all that, do you have any other games you enjoy? Do those games have in-depth stories, hidden meanings, or compelling characters? Have you ever thought, it'd be awesome if Myelin made videos about [insert favorite game]. 

There are so many great games out there and so many coming out that THAT alone should be reason enough for me to want to start covering a few, but sadly it's not the only reason.
We all know how Destiny2 is being received. I don't like it, you don't like it, they probably don't like it either. They made mistakes and it's up to them to fix those mistakes. I won't lie to you, it's a little unsettling to have the channel (and Gamma's livelihood) dependent on one game when it has been making this many mistakes. So Myelin Games will still be a Destiny channel, however we will also begin to make some extra content regarding other games or the gaming industry as a whole. 

All in all, we want to use this as a method to grow and strengthen our content production, and we wouldn't even be able to attempt any of this if it weren't for you! Your support is not only incredibly important to me, but like I said, you guys keep Gamma fed. Our only goal At. All. Times. is to create the very best for all of you!
Please, let us know your thoughts! If you think this move is good, bad, you're excited, you're nervous, whatever you're feeling. I'll be seeing you more throughout the week. 

As usual, it has been a pleasure...