Greetings from the eternal night...

Hi guys!

My name is 

Yavhe Alexander, writer, RPG designer and spokesman.  I am new  in Patreon and I really hope you can share my dreams and goals with me. 

As I say in my description I like the urban fantasy  tales, the stories of magic, heroes and villains, tales about monsters and the men and women who fights agains them, 

That is what my first novel is about: "Cazadora" (Huntress) Is a tale of a girl who running from her past enters into the world of vampires and monster hunters. 

I wish to share the first chapter of the book right here. For you to enjoy and know me as a writer.

Thank you so much! I really  hope you like it!

Huntress - Chapter One:

English Version:

Versión en Español: