Greetings Gender Warriors!
There are currently 24 lovely people supporting non-binary resources. I recognize some of your names from people who have either emailed me or been following me for years. Others of you are a delightful mystery.


immensely for showing me that you care as deeply about this work as I do.


I'll reach individually in the next few days to fulfill certain personalized rewards.

In honor of Throwback Thursday #tbt, you get a private viewing of little Micah. 

On that note, If you have an idea for a reward, I’d love to hear it. 

While I know most of you are not contributing for the reward, I think it's another little way for me to say thanks, especially if it’s a creative surprise. The parameters I used to create rewards were: not more expensive than the contribution (otherwise defeats the purpose), not too time consuming (time better spent writing), redeemable at large quantities (20 custom-written articles in a month is not sustainable). Any quirky suggestions?

Monthly Digest

Here’s what happened this month in/around Neutrois Nonsense.

Biggest news of all: the Non-Binary Transition workshop is finally online! Spoiler alert: the 3rd part will be released next week.

I published my first article on Huffington Post Gay Voices, Don’t Dismiss Me For Being Genderqueer, and I didn't get any hate mail. 

Everyday Feminism re-published The Gender Playbook (originally released on my blog). This magazine is a large platform of non-binary readers and their allies. This article also received the most monthly views on my blog. It represents a small slice of the content I'd like to put out there.

The top post on Tumblr for September is actually a link posted in June of an article with little substance but an unsurprisingly catchy headline: Unsurprisingly, Trans Students Have Caused Zero Incidents in Public Bathrooms. It has 16K+ notes :o

The second most popular post on my Facebook page this month discussed how gender-neutral clothing simply means "boy" clothes for girls, but never the other way around.

In progress: The monthly digest could use a snazzier title. 

Lots of Love

Lastly, and completely unrelated, here's one of my favorite songs. Use headphones. 

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