Greetings! Thank You!! and Stuff!!!
Just wanted to take a moment to welcome and give a profound thank you to all of the recent newcomers who have been moved to becoming patrons of my work.

And I am of course especially thankful for all of you who have stayed with me for such a long time. Getting to this point would have been so much more difficult without all of your help.

I'm still plugging away at the illustrations for my novella, which still needs some serious work before its even written. I'm still not quite sure if I'll need to add more illustrations or if I shouldn't be cutting some of them down. I need to schedule better time to get into the writing its far more daunting to get into heavy writing than it is to jump into my illustration work.

I'm still living in a tuna can in a friends basement  which leaves me little space to work on anything more interesting than digital work at the moment. I'm still in the process of beginning a bankruptcy that I hope will set me on the course of branching out into some more financially gainful products. What I hope will eventually allow me to begin my own haunted attraction. 

I really want to make me a werewolf themed haunted house that has a quality thats sorely been lacking in werewolf media today. But since I know that achieving the level of quality that I'm after will be cost prohibitive early on I started brain storming ideas for a more cost efficient  theme that would allow my haunt to stand out from the competition in a big way.

The idea I of course came up with is mannequins. They can be acquired ready made for a variable range of prices, and by their very nature they don't need to look super photo realistic. So I've been on a major mannequin kick researching designs, concepts, technology, and animation techniques that could be used to really make the most out of the concept. Silent Hill is still one of the top dogs in the use of creepy mannequin creatures and even they haven't fully tapped into the raw potential the theme has to offer. 

I just need to be able to get into a mortgage on enough acres of farm land to get the ball rolling. Then with that secure I can begin building studio space and eventually the haunt itself. My dream is to build a mansion esque shell of a house about 3 stories hight with maybe 2 basement levels. Then use modular walls to create a labyrinth of halls and rooms to make a haunt with a lot of content to explore. Early on though I guess a haunt ran from a tent would have to do.

I've been having trouble getting to sleep with all the ideas running through my head on the potential this project could bring me funding wise. Then as it starts to bring in a profit pour those funds into the eventual Crimson Dames werewolf themed haunt. 

Could see a project of this magnitude bringing at least a few jobs to a rural area. Janitorial staff, security, electricians, engineers, performers, ride operators, and positions for other like mindedly driven artists. 

I especially want to create housing for artist to live on site with a massive shared studio space for us to work and brainstorm together. Allow the artist to live as rent free as is feasible and with the freed up income they'd have available allow them to invest into the projects we'd be creating to provide them with ownership as they build up their portfolios. 

I just need to get the ball rolling on this bankruptcy first. I really don't want to have to resort to such a process, but with the destruction of my only vehicle its been a major chore just to acquire food anymore and the bank wouldn't loan me a dime towards a new vehicle. On top of the insurance company barely giving me enough to afford a beater. So I've been doing my best to tough it out until I can clear my debts. Then with the full potential of my current income and your patronage I'll be able to start making the jump to making these dreams a reality. Its so close I can taste it. 

I hope you'll stay with me and see how it all plays out. ^  _^  

Don't forget to tap into your Patron rewards fully you really do need to join the discord server. That way you can claim your sketch rewards. Though I think I'm reaching the upper limit of what I can keep up with sketch reward wise. 

I've found that it takes far more energy and planning to figure out sketch requests than if I were just brainstorming my own concepts, and focusing on the concepts and themes I need to advance the quality of my craft.

Thus i'm strongly considering suspending sketch requests for the foreseeable future. Please give me your input on the matter though. Really the rewards I offer are just a bonus I try to offer to those who have helped me out so much but I think its reached a point where its slowing down the main projects I need to be completing. 

I'll provide at least a months warning before I suspend them though and all requests placed in the queue will get full filled.  I'm thinking I'll end mebe reducing the gold tier to 1 sketch, and hrmm maybe have to suspend them all together for the silver tier. That way I can focus more on stuff like mid transformation processes, work out comic pages for sequences, or basically just overall find a better means to speed up my process.

Tell me what you think and posit any ideas that you would consider a happy middle ground. I was thinking that maybe I could do something more like a themed daily sketch where patrons could post recommended poses, unique anatomical builds, or different expressions to try out. That way I can work on what I want to but still allow for more directed input from patrons. 

While I have been mainly focused on werewolves lately there are quite a few other creature types I'd like to be working on as well.

Overall though thank you all again so much for your continued support it means so much to me. I literally could not afford to do this work without your aid. I just wish I could offer more in return. I'll push myself ever harder to ensure I bring you the best content I can possibly imagine. ^  _^