Grilled Cheese September, 2017
Raise your hand if a) you are thankful that August is over and b) you can't believe you made it through. There are still remnants of this cranky shark of a month...and a mercury retrograde to go down in the books...but hopefully, it will now swim away from us and back down to the depths from whence it came. 

The beginning of August saw me trying to find the legal consequences for those who used to employ me and decided procedures, humanity, all of those things were for other people. The UK is so odd. I can take them to court to try to get money. All I want is for them to face some action for breaking the law and there just does not seem to be a body that oversees the legalities for these entities. Slippery fish.

I also want to say that someone who taught me an awful lot lately, and you, too, through me has been diagnosed with a rather nasty leukemia. Blood cancer. Go figure in our positions. I am sworn not to say who but when there's a 'man down' so to speak, it matters. Damn.

I am thinking of making this one edition of Grilled Cheese public, just this one newsletter, so that the public can get an even better flavour of our incubator over at patreon.  I published two parts of the Beatles chat and the general music con chat with Mike Williams and Mark Devlin to really fantastic feedback and viewing. People love this subject! If you have not seen it, do so. Ironically, I found a posting that Mark Devlin had died and so was able to have some fun with that as they prepared to talk about the Fake Paul McCartney.  Between these two and Shane the Ruiner, though...all very dear people...we really boosted viewership!

We also spent much of August fundraising and I have to say that between my patrons and the general public that follows me, we did okay. We probably came up with nearly $800!  I was actually able to take a holiday because a man who likes my work in Germany offered me a flat in the woods for free! In the end, I was asked to give an impromptu lecture which I was happy to do. Laugh along with me, gang. There was one of the worst hecklers I have ever had in that crowd; only because she had to interject her story after every sentence I uttered and, despite my begging her to wait, I ended up just giving up and closing the lecture. It was tres wierd anyway. A dozen folks sitting around a table, eating chips(crisps) and talking like we were in Vegas! Ha! But you gotta love people. And it was a beautiful place. Hiked. Biked. Drank some gewurtztraminer (spelling check, please?). Met some interesting folks.

Then I was told that, in fact, I was sitting on a very large, very powerful earth guardian crystal. That just blew me away. The very next day was the eclipse in the states and, boom, no power no nothing. Just me on top of my crystal on top of my mountain. I can only be thankful for what seems to have been engineered by my Fae guardians. I was out of the stream of whatever went down for 24 hours.

But that eclipse needs investigating and discussion. I have been waiting for my friend Shane 'the Ruiner' Bales to come to me to discuss. He had some emergency things to deal with but I believe we shall have that interview this coming Tuesday. It must be incarnated.  

I have been curating my patreon page with a vengeance. I am so in love with this platform. Patronage increased 150% from the last two weeks in June to end July, then again 35% in August. Now I have to say that 150 patrons is our goal by the end of September! As I keep saying that is an easy goal out of 3k FB friends and followers and 1100 youtube followers!!! Piece of cake, with your help. Spread the word! We are just scheduling our first zoom room meetup for $10 and above. There are half a dozen folks getting full access to all my studio workshops at $25 and above. And, frankly, I fall to my knees in humble gratitde for every $1 patron that walks through the door. Friends, I know how hard it is to come up with a dollar, believe you me. And you are ALL, each and every one of you, dear to me.  You have enabled me to cancel the advertising on my youtube vids. Ad-free!!!

September is the month in which I was born and so there is always this soft sensation of melancholy under it all. Maybe that's a function of watching the years slip away. Nonetheless we've got lots of work done on both the winter tour and the journeys upcoming! I think there should be something for you:

* 12 September Birmingham Truth Juice Lecture

* 16 October New Horizons St Anne's Fae Lecture

* 5 November Lecture with Tony Sayers and Mark Devlin right here in London!

* 11 November Multidimensional Event in Birmingham

* 27-28 November New Orleans Lecture and Workshop

* 1-2 December Petaluma IONS Earthrise Workshop and lecture

* 8-9 December Phoenix workshop and lecture

* 10-11 December Sedona Workshop and lecture with MATT LANDMAN

* 6 January Magic Lecture with Shane the Ruiner Bales, Niagara Falls ON

* 9 January me and Shane in Toronto

*17-23 June Eire: The Fae Tour through Ireland, myself and Maria Wheatley

* 4 Aug - 12 Aug The High Fae Journey, The Untersberg near Salzburg, myself and Shane Bales, possible Maria Wheatley

*7 September - 16 September Sardinia, Rare Birds Sacred Fae Archaeological Journey and Sacred Sites, myself and Robyn McClendon

late October: Iceland

Something very big is happening 9-11 September through the 23. It is the birth of Jupiter through the Virgin. The actual birth is on 9 September, my birthday. 

I feel as if there should be a fair amount of discussion about this and quick! I'll take it to Shane in the interview as well. He recommended a movie called Jupiter Ascending, replacing the Abraxis Family with the Draco and their true agenda. I did see it. One line stuck out: Earth is worth more than all the other planets combined. Deep truth. 

If you have not become a patron, do so. We have high goals and lofty conversations and some serious fun. Love to you all.