Grimsbury - Tradition vs Change

This is an extension of last week's post about how change prompts questions. Change might be inevitable, but people push back against it for all kinds of reasons. Those reasons often make good story fodder, so I thought I'd explore the topic a bit.

Halfway Through

Today's the 15th, and we've had a pretty steady stream of posts so far. I'm digging that. I've been able to keep the schedule I want, which is awesome. There's going to be one change coming up, though and I wanted to let you all know about.

I've been posting on Gnome Stew for a little while now, and I'm really happy to be part of that crew. Well, Gnome Stew started up its own Patreon recently! This will help the site keep offering awesome content, and will even see the writer paid a little bit for their work. That means I won't be posting Gnome Stew content through my own Patreon any longer. I don't feel it's right to double-dip,  as it were.

So I'm taking Gnome Stew off of the front page as of today. Please go check out the GS Patreon and consider supporting there, too.

Until next time!