The Grind: Jack the Ripper by The High Road
The Grind: Jack the Ripper by The High Road

By Sarah Mulcahy

Alright, folks. You know the drill. This is The Grind, weed reviews courtesy of The 420 Minute.

Today we are talking about Jack the Ripper, a heady sativa by The High Road. Based in Deer Park, just north of Spokane proper, The High Road is a family-owned producer/processor best known for their Star Wars themed strains (Death Star, Princess Leia).

For a sneak peek at their process check out this video from Cinder

Just The Basic Facts:

Strain: Jack The Ripper

THC/CBD: 21.37% total THC/ 0.10% total CBD

Type: Flower

Method: Smoked (glass)

Jack the Ripper, The High Road

Photo by: S. Mulcahy

With a medium density and a slight crumble, Jack the Ripper breaks up easily for bowl smoking or rolling. Green leaf with a hint of yellow gives this bud a springtime coloring. Delicate orange strands and a light dusting of crystals round out the gorgeous appearance of this strain.

Citrusy overtones permeate the scent and flavor of Jack the Ripper. With a smooth inhale and exhale, this delicious weed is great for the novice and the more experienced smoker. The occasional smoker would definitely find this to be a one-hitter-quitter.

For an everyday smoker, like myself, Jack the Ripper is a great sativa for any time of day. A happy high promoting project focus and easing anxiety, I strongly recommend Jack the Ripper for anyone looking for an upbeat, focused high. Especially the wake-and-bake crowd.

For bud shots and exclusive content from The High Road check them out on Instagram @thehighroadllc or purchase Jack the Ripper and other fine strains at both Satori locations in Spokane.

Keep calm and smoke on!

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