Grinding Espers Like It's My Job - The TouchArcade Show #289
Alright, so we kick the show off with thanking our new backers which is something I think we're going to turn into a tradition along with a brief show and tell! From there, we hop right into the podcast which is really way closer to what I was imagining when we started doing these but the last few weeks have been sort of weird with less individual game discussion and more just overall year-end recap stuff. Moving forward, this is what these will be like which hopefully should result in something that's cooler to actually pay attention and watch.

But, like anything, it's an evolving process. Once we get one of these where I'm really happy with the whole direction of the show, I think we might make one episode public as sort of a "Here's what you get as a Patreon backer," as our support is continuing to trend down which is... a little concerning.

Oh, it's also worth mentioning that I record and upload these in high-bitrate 1080p, so you can see a lot more detail in the games themselves if you manually switch the quality on YouTube to the highest one (if it doesn't do it automatically).

Anyway, as always thanks a ton for supporting us and I hope everyone has a great weekend.