"THE TALE OF GRINT" Grint, the epic Goblin swordmaster of the SandKil (a clan of sea fairing neutral goblins) is the most talented warrior within his realm. He has bested every opponent he has faced, some being giants and even wizards, warlocks and witches. His building renown and fame did not go overlooked by the next in line to the throne and son to the king, Prince Gaul. Gaul wanted Grint ousted, the reason being he had to face Grint as a feat of strength before the peoples in the great "Fossil's Rest" a grand arena next to the GIANT sand dune home of the nomadic, neutral race of goblins, littered with the bones of the ancient beasts from the timeless past. Gaul knew he would lose, despite his boasting amongst the people, so.. He devised a plan. Knowing also that Grint had caught the eye and attention of the princess from sister tribe of the woods to the east. Gaul, being absolutely overcome with jealous rage, had Grint set up. He his network set up a scheme that left Grint looking like a thief. After having gotten him drunk with a spiked brew, they planted one of the king's precious and magical "Sandstones" upon Grint and left him in the town's square where he awoke to wicked mockery and accusations to a farce he was not even aware of. Completely bewildered and stumbling his words and not seeming himself and therefore deranged, he was pronounced guilty. Normally under such circumstances the penalty being death, the king decided to pardon the great warrior as a testament to his legacy. The king banished the epic goblin with a heavy heart and a begging question as it did not make sense to him why Grint would do such a thing. The king has sent out his most trusted advisors, that not even Gaul was aware of, to do some detective work over the matter. Grint, having been banished and not even truly understanding why and not remembering what truly happened, assumed the blame and continued on, with a heavy burden of weight upon his conscience. He was unwell, barely eating and slowly falling into misery. One day, however, while sitting on the beach and watching the waves, something caught his eye. He looked down to see a small turtle, but it did not have legs. "Can you help me?" asked the turtle "How do you speak!?" blurted Grint as he jumped up and made ready to either strike or, retreat. "How do YOU speak?.." came the dry reply of the talking turtle. Grint simply stood silent for many moments surveying the turtle before deeming him "not a threat" Grint nodded. "I cannot answer that.." Grint truthfully replied. "So, what are you and what happened to your legs? You look like your starving.." Said Grint to the small, leathery skinned turtle. "I should say the same to you young warrior, you look famished.." replied the cryptic reptile. "Indeed.." Grint simply replied. "We should get some food in you! I know a spot up the beach that grows Fervoro you'd love it and you need the nutrients, judging by your bony complexion.." quipped Grint. "You joke but, if a Troll came from the wood seeking your demise, there would be not much you could do against such odds, in your current state.. you lack nutrition young warrior. Your burden is great and your wreak of guilt.." Replied the wise turtle to which Grint let out his first laughter since his false judgment, many days before. "You speak the truth young turtle! Though of my burden you know not.. Let us both go enjoy some food, we will talk and trade stories, eh?" prompted Grint. "Young?.." replied the thoughtful creature with a quizzical expression. "No, not young yet, not old, am I.." it said. "We will talk.." it stated plainly. Grint picked the strange turtle up, using some Strechleaf and a beachwood staff, he made for it a resting place atop the piece of porous ocean wood. Strapping the creature to his back and continuing on to find the food they both desperately needed. So went the routine, Grint slowly rehabilitating the wise turtle and himself, having deep discussions of wisdom and knowledge. The turtle took the young warriors mind off of the tragic event that the mysterious reptile knew was not of Grint's doing. For as was revealed one day upon Grint running into a GIANT Dune Bear that he recognized as the great and justifiably feared "Grimmaw: The Terror of the Sands" even Grint, with all of his prowess, could not match the beast. Just when things looked most bleak and Grint began chanting the incantations taught to him by his masters within the warriors guild, so as to send a message to his reincarnated self of strength and wisdom. The strange turtle revealed it's true nature, for it was in fact the god of the sea in mortal form. It's eyes lighting up like the sun and the area surrounding seeming to darken as if by great clouds, the turtle unleashed it's true power upon the beast, grabbing it with an unseen force and slamming it against the surrounding trees and finally smashing the great beast upon the loose sand. "He will live.." said the turtle. "bring me close to him so that I may heal him.." it added. Grint staring wide eyed and shaking slightly, obeyed without question as he carried the turtle over to the beast who was still conscious and barely breathing, eyeing the pair with fearful eyes. The turtle whispered some indiscernible incantations into the beast's ear and waved it's hands around, above the beasts form, causing it's hair to stir and whip softly. Grimmaw seemed at ease afterwards, breathing contentedly. "I.. Who..." is all that Grint afforded the awesome reptile. "I cannot fully explain." it replied. "Just know that I mean YOU no harm." added the turtle. "What happened to you was not your fault, you were falsely accused and set up by your nemesis.." "Gaul.." Grint stated. "indeed, one and the same, young warrior." it answered. "Now, it will not be easy but, I can help you retain your stolen glory.. Do you trust me?.." it questioned. After a moment of contemplation the young warrior, face becoming grim with the implications, simply replied "Yes.." as he picked up his cryptic and mysterious companion and strapped him to his back with a new resolve of his road ahead. So the pair continue their journey, the turtles mission: to reclaim the love lost by an innocent warrior with the heart of the champions of old. Grint's mission: to seek his lady love and smite any foul creature that unrightfully stand in his way on his road back to the stature he had earned for himself and to reclaim the name that so many admirably respected and now, greatly miss... "THE TALE OF GRINT"