Gritty City Stories #259
The tricky thing about long conversations and arguments is keeping the comic visually interesting.  To do that it's important to have characters move around while talking.  Have them change poses when their mood changes.  Notice Pooky switches from open to closed body language frequently.  Similarly an easy way to mix things up is to keep the camera moving.  By cutting to different angles in each panel, and zooming in and out, the visuals stay fresh even though the characters aren't doing much.  This also lets you emphasize who's in control of the conversation by moving the golden mean (center of the image) to different characters.

Here Pooky is very aggressive toward the more meek Michiko, and as a result is also dominating the goldean mean in each panel, aside from one where Penelope interrupts.  However Pooky is never totally centered in panel, but just slightly off to one side, reflecting that Pooky still isn't entirely confident.

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