Groping towards a structure
Okay, this is what I have so far.

Anything I create that is non-political (for given values of, see earlier post) will now appear on here first. Whether I put it anywhere else online subsequently will depend on various things--I'm not sure what yet.

Filk songs (i.e. parodies and to-the-tune-ofs) will always be publicly available, because filk should always be free. Original songs, it will depend on the subject matter, I think: songs inspired by books and such count as filk as far as I'm concerned. General songs and poems, and recordings of when/if I get myself organised and feel brave enough, will probably be patron-only. Short stories and episodes from ongoing novels, likewise. Readings of my work, again when/if, likewise. For stories I've already started and posted elsewhere, I'll put the work-to-date up publicly (when I've revised and edited it), and subsequent episodes will be patron-only, as will the finished stories when they are done.

If you want to ask me to write something for you, we'll work something out.

This is new and not comfortable territory for me. I made this a monthly-pledge thing because I'm still not comfortable putting a monetary value on my work, but I aim to put something on this page at least once per day, so you will actually be getting work out of me. I hope you will feel inclined to join up and pledge something, if you haven't already, and that you'll spread the word and get other people to think about doing likewise. And to those who have already done *that*, all the love and thanks in the world. I can't make this work without you.

Advice, suggestions, and moral support always welcome.

Thank you.
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