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📌 Steve Jobs once said: “We're here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise, why else even be here?”  We've made just a simple hole into the ground, but oh man it feels so good, it's amazing, download it Now  and unleash your creativity!

Only a sky is a limit here! ^_^

What will you get?

PSD file: The Ground Hole - main content 

Vector layers: Free(4) | ❤️ Exclusive(5) | 💵 Premium( 7 ) 

Welcome Screen, quick content overview 

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Compatible with Photoshop 2012 and newer

Quick Tips and Benefits:

ΤΙΡ 1: Ground Hole and Crackling Effects 

  • Graphic Elements are in Vector Shape, 
  • you can scale it up and down, High Quality remains

ΤΙΡ 2: 3D Illusion 

  • double click on the icon FX to open the Layer Styles window
  • you can tweak and modify each effect separately as you like

ΤΙΡ 3: Smart Object 

  • Double click on any smart object to view them in full size. There you can adjust Layers, Masks and other properties
  • Example: Leonardo have special masks for sword and scabbard (On/OFF), color gradings and original background

ΤΙΡ 4: Practice Layers and Additional Extras 

  • are optional parts and were included for training and personal use as a bonus content

ΤΙΡ 5: Video for Inspiration, How did I used The Ground Hole

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you'll get : Free(7) | ❤️ Exclusive(12) | 💵 Premium( 20 ) 

Did you know?  🐢 

📃 Featured Turtles  are Based on the 1990 TMNT movie. Action Figures were made by The Neca Toys and they are in 1/4 Scale, about 16 inches tall with 30 points of  articulation. 

For each, 🐢 I've made unique High-Resolution masks + Adjustment Filters to make them look even better. ^_~

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Comparison of All 3 versions 

  • You can choose the one, that suit you best!

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