Group pic! All the faeries?!
Hello wonderful people!!

How to start this off... how about... THANK YOU! I love having such a great supportive people surrounding me~ Pictures are slowly arriving into my mail box from the fashion shows and I'm so excited for them!! I am also on the verge of accepting on another fashion show which will mean more designs added to this collection! Actually missing one design in this picture as I had to share a model with another designer. Working on planning some sort of off-shoot for all these designs! 

Talk about being busy right? I want to do something cool cosplay-wise before winter comes around but we'll see! 

Oh! Talking about pictures. I picked out the photos I'll be printing for last month and just verifying some of this month's photo before I can get them printed! I'll be sending quite a few prints in one package. Thanks for being patient! >.<

& now time for picture posts! 

Thanks once again for being a supporter! I really want to do more but with school kicking my butt ... well.. let's just say I'd rather be sewing xD