Grove of Sacred Harmonies
Giving thanks to the medicine of music on this day of Transmutation. I am still in the process of recording the next round of videos, and I wanted to share this beautiful excerpt from my summer tour.

Improvisational music is a deep listening to the current life is taking in each moment. It requires the cultivation of the mountain to harness your skills yet wait with restraint until the right moment to play. Then we communicate through our devotion to the present moment, a deep commitment to the flow of life through our intent listening.

So enjoy this integrative music piece by Issa Malluf, Dave Hoover, and myself from Beloved Festival. This type of music requires us to tune into an alpha wave, lucid learning brainwave state. As you listen, relax your being and allow your body to naturally ride the same vibration and discover how you feel afterwards.

I play this type of music constantly while I work, drink tea, clean the house, etc. Because it was born out of the freshness of the moment, it has the power to guide me back into the present moment again and again.

I will be adding new videos on the Elemental Iching soon, but I wanted to start sharing other musical contemplations as they synthesize with our exploration of the Gene Keys