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Grow Your Mojo – the Power of Pleasure Cordials
If folks employed as much wild abandon in their personal lives as they did to the use of the word aphrodisiac, there’d be no reason for them! SO MANY THINGS are credited with aphrodisiac powers – they become quite a crutch. Entire species are hunted to extinction on the promise of such powers. We’re focusing our sights on the ways herbs might assist in giving us a little lift in the mojo zone.

Part of the reason so many things are touted as being aphrodisiacs is that there are so many ways our mojos can get thrown off course. Dis-ease processes, hormonal dysregulation, overwork, feeling run-down by life’s challenges, circulatory system dysregulation, sedentary lifestyles, mood changes, partner conflict, fear, trauma, boredom, & routine…see, we’re all over the map here! So, obviously, in the bigger picture, our goal is to help the body/mind/spirit/soul regain tools for coming back into balance. And, that’s a very individualized strategy for each lovely human.  Check out September 2015's "Will Ginseng Make Me a Better Lover" to learn more about the different forms healing can take.  

Sometimes it’s nice to have a catalyst to jumpstart the changes you’re looking to make. And, that’s where herbal love potions come in! In my opinion, these are the ideal components of a light-your-pants-on-fire pleasure cordial.

  • Intention – By the very act of reaching for the bottle, you’re stating to the universe that you claim the right to have sensual, sexual pleasure in your life! So, the cordial’s name ought to invoke that intention for you so that you can call up such ways of being & feeling within yourself. You’ve gotta feel when you’re reaching for the bottle that it’s officially business time. (Thank you, thank you Brett & Jemaine. Forever & always, from the bottom of my heart.) 
  • Play – Ugh! So many of us walk around all stressed out & forget to be playful & in joy! Sacred irreverence is an absolute must for a bubbly vibrant mojo. So, at least one element of the cordial, whether in wordplay, picture, or design ought to evoke laughter, orneriness, or straight-up raunch in some way.
  • Sensuality – We’re looking to enliven & awaken every sense you’ve got. Sensory delight in all its forms must abound: fragrance, mouthfeel, flavor, visual beauty, emotional storytelling… The more of these you can turn on & experience pleasure in, the more able you’ll be to find your way toward pleasure in the sexual sense. 
  • Aromatic - Before a drop even splashes your tongue, uncapping a pleasure cordial ought to be an invitation to dive further in to heightened awareness. The delicate volatile oils plants produce which create such delight & joy in us must be carefully preserved throughout the cordial’s creation.
  • Delicious – when it touches your tongue and you start to sigh with pleasure, you’re already on your way to mojoland! 
  • Warming – I mean, guys, this one’s a no-brainer. The very description of non-sexy is frigid (though I despise this term + the insane way it’s mis-applied.) We are looking for a state of excitement, faster moving electrons, blood pumping, heart racing – none of those things happens during a deep freeze. J
  • A moving quality to the formula, something to literally get the blood flowing & even *maybe* makes you tingle!

  • Adaptogenic – see that laundry list above of ways life’s stressors can overwhelm us at times? A good pleasure cordial gives your stress-response system a little something extra to help it over (to) the hump. Depending on what you need, this might take the edge off exhaustion for you. It might provide you with energetic physical stamina. It might hit the re-set button on overburdened hormonal feedback loops. It might chill you the f* out so that you can even begin to remember what sexy feels like and that, yes, you are (hot sh)it. 
  • &/or Nervine – if jitteriness, awkwardness, or upset are clouding your mojo mountain from view, nervines can be the key workaround for you. 
  • &/or Address the heart – finding ways to open and connect with the queen of all organs can guide relaxation & reconnection with yourself first so that you have greater capacity to connect with a partner.

  • Eyes on the prize – a quality love cordial must possess herbs known to have activity in the lower dan tien and/or organs of generation, creativity, pleasure, & procreation for reasons that I hope are obvious. Plus, this way the other herbs working in synergy with this one to throw your mojo a surprise party know what to type into GoogleMaps.
  • Adjunct bonuses – These include things like moistening herbs which can help provide the metabolic building blocks to create slippery juiciness for your frolicking pleasure or herbs which are nutritive or tonifying to the sex hormones, or tone the circulatory system so blood & hormones can reach pleasure zones faster. 

We’ll pick apart one of the pleasure cordials I just made so you can see how this works:

Vacation Sex – 


Hot, uninhibited wild abandon? Yes, please! Just take care where you put your hot little mouth… cayenne can set serious fire to delicate tissues!!! Intention, play, sensuality

Tequila, Intention, play

filtered water, Adjunct bonuses (hydration!)

raw honey*, sensuality, aromatic, delicious

maca rt* (Lepidium meyenii), sensuality, aromatic, delicious, adaptogenic, adjunct bonuses

Muira puama bk*, adaptogenic, adjunct bonuses, warming, eyes on the prize

Indian sarsaparilla rt* (Hemidesmus indicus), sensuality, aromatic, delicious, adaptogenic

cocoa sd* (Theobroma cacao), sensuality, aromatic, delicious, adjunct bonuses

orange pl* (Citrus sinensis), sensuality, aromatic, delicious,

cayenne fr (Capsicum anuum) warming, moving, 

& sexy, sexy LOVE! Intention, play

Any blend you create will be nuanced with the particular strengths, qualities, & stories of each herb.  Happy blending! 

 - Joan


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