Growing Fresh Greens With No Work *Eat Your Weeds*
Growing your own fresh greens doesn't have to take a lot of work and care, as long as you are willing to widen your perception of what your garden should look like, and what you put on your plate.  Many of the "weeds" you will likely find growing all on their own in your back yard are completely edible, nutritious, and delicious.  In this video I give a short tour of the edible greens available in a southern California back yard, growing all on their own despite the fact that there has been no work done to the garden in over three years. By introducing some cultivated varieties and letting them go to seed, you can have your favorite greens popping up all over your yard every year without ever having to plant again.  By planting perennial vegetables and herbs, you can harvest every year with very little work, just by letting Nature do what she does best.